Baguio Craft Brewery : Beer-lovers’ heaven in Baguio City

We don’t get to travel often in Baguio because it is a couple of hours away, but when we do, we make sure to try 1) What’s new, or 2) Go visit the spots we really love most about the place. I wasn’t in Baguio for about a year, so when I went last December we knew we had to try this place that made a buzz with beer lovers – The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery. What could be a more better combination to the cold weather and warm bed right? Add ice cold craft beer to that equation and that’s a perfect vacation right there.

How to Get There:

Commuting : Hop on a bus to Baguio. When you get to Baguio, hail a cab. Those honest drivers will take you anywhere in the city.

Driving : Use waze, or better – leave your car in the hotel and hail a cab.😀 Don’t drink and drive!

When you get there:

Baguio Craft Brewery has a variety of crafts and you can ask to taste each variety before you place your order. This room here I call the “standing room” – just cocktail tables and a few bar seats. You’ll be sitting near the actually brewery and stay in the same room where the ingredients are kept. (Malt, wheat, etc. Those kind of stuff.)

Check the menu. Do a Beer Taste Test. Pay as you order. Get (Not so) Drunk. Happy Ending!

They also have tables and benches at the top floor where you’ll get a nice view of the city lights and a sure gust of cold breeze (if you come in December or January).

What’s in the Menu

The star of the menu : BEER. They gauge the beer by ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and IBU (International Bitternes Unit) so you can easily tell which beer would easily knock you down and which variants would be sweeter than the rest. Fruit Beers are sweetest and low ABV so for non-adventurous drinkers, I like the Kiwi Beer best among the three.

Take your pick!


For the Wheats, I liked Kabunyan and Rolling Fog. My companion liked the Kraken. To me Kraken tasted close to Guinness. We also tried the Old Xavier 56 Pilsner. It’s a bit bitter for me, but I guess men will love it. And because you can taste stuff for free, I tried Zigzagger, 10% ABV and 150 IBU. Highest levels in the list. I expected it to be very bitter because of that. Surprisingly, it’s got hints of citrusy sweetness to it. It’s good. But I didn’t dare order a full serving. I didn’t want to zigzag my way home.

Lagud (left) and Kraken (right)
Old Xavier 56 (Left) and Rolling Fog (Right)

Oh, and they also got the perfect beer matches. Menu changes from time to time. the picture I have is from the first time I was there, and less than a month I went back they already have pasta on the menu.


The Buffalo Wings are very spicy but really good. I find the Salt and Pepper Wings perfectly seasoned. They also have Fish and Chips (or fish and potato wedges), huge Onion Rings and yes, Pasta. All are very good. Sorry I didn’t have photos of all the food.

Chicken Yakitori. Very Delicious! Must try.


Anything Else?

You can take home their brews at around Php 900+ per six pack.

Lagud or Strawberry Beer

Or take home shirts as souvenirs.


If you happen to be in Baguio, do visit the place and let me know what you think! Remember, don’t drink and drive and drink moderately.


Live. Laugh. Love. And Eat.


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